Can you justify the cost of a Virtual Assistant?

I’d like to start by turning the above title on its’ head and asking instead – how can you NOT justify the cost of a Virtual Assistant?

The reason I say this is that everybody has their strengths and we should all work to them. Your VA should be able to do certain tasks a lot more efficiently than than you can do them yourself and in turn should end up increasing your profitability

There is a simple formula you can use to work this out – I am using example figures and tasks for this but you should insert you own to get a true calculation:

  • “X” charges their time out at £100 per hour, they do sales invoicing for 2 hours every week (“X” could have 104 extra billable hours totalling £10,400 annually if not processing invoicing)
  • “VA” costs “X” £25 per hour and can get the same amount of invoicing finished in 1 hour every week (Total annual cost to “X” £1,300)

I think the above figures speak for themselves really – your extra profit using the above values would be £9,100 and that’s just the tip of the iceberg – there is so much more that your Virtual Assistant can do for you so add up all of the hours you can pass over and get some calculations done