Everyone needs a Virtual Assistant / Carla in their life

Carla is nothing but spectacular to work with – she is professional, creative, dedicated and most of all fun!

Carla has made such a difference to me personally but also across the wider business. She has put together the most amazing presentations, which has helped the business secure all pitches at any business meetings I have attended. Not only that – Carla is a whiz at excel – she has designed spreadsheets which would baffle most Mathematicians!

On top of all this, she has resolved some of my biggest issues in the wardrobe department – weddings, holidays, awards nights and general day to day she gets me and know what suits me.

Quite simply she is wonder woman, I would be lost without Carla and will continue to use her as a Virtual Assistant, everyone needs a Carla in their life!

Liz Lee
Senior Team Manager
McCarthy Recruitment Ltd