Have you created a word cloud?

Word Cloud

My Word Cloud

I have just used a website called wordle.net to create the above word cloud.  One of my clients did it today and I loved it so much I created my own. You simply go on to the Wordle website, type in lots of words to do with your business, yourself and what you think your clients might be looking for and then you play around with the format – it’s really simple.  Each time you look at it different words jump out at you and if you imagine looking at it from your clients point of view the words that are important to them will jump out to them too!

Can you justify the cost of a Virtual Assistant?

I’d like to start by turning the above title on its’ head and asking instead – how can you NOT justify the cost of a Virtual Assistant?

The reason I say this is that everybody has their strengths and we should all work to them. Your VA should be able to do certain tasks a lot more efficiently than than you can do them yourself and in turn should end up increasing your profitability

There is a simple formula you can use to work this out – I am using example figures and tasks for this but you should insert you own to get a true calculation:

  • “X” charges their time out at £100 per hour, they do sales invoicing for 2 hours every week (“X” could have 104 extra billable hours totalling £10,400 annually if not processing invoicing)
  • “VA” costs “X” £25 per hour and can get the same amount of invoicing finished in 1 hour every week (Total annual cost to “X” £1,300)

I think the above figures speak for themselves really – your extra profit using the above values would be £9,100 and that’s just the tip of the iceberg – there is so much more that your Virtual Assistant can do for you so add up all of the hours you can pass over and get some calculations done